¿Por qué Piotr Żyła no saltó en Willingen? ¿Qué le pasa a Piotr Żyła?

¿Por qué Piotr Żyła no saltó en Willingen? ¿Qué le pasa a Piotr Żyła?

Piotr Żyła has not been performing at his best recently. Despite being one of the leaders of the Polish ski jumping team during the World Championship in ski flying, his performance has declined notably since arriving in Willingen.

During the Sunday qualifications, Żyła landed even shorter and as a result, did not qualify for the Sunday competition at the German ski jumping arena. Despite having four Polish jumpers in the first round of the Saturday competition, this scenario did not repeat itself on Sunday.

Żyła’s jump of only 104.5 meters did not secure him a spot in the competition, relegating him to cheering on his teammates from the sidelines. Ski jumping today on Sunday, 4th February 2024.

What’s happening with Piotr Żyła? On the other hand, Kamil Stoch performed much better than Żyła during the Saturday competition, achieving 136.5 meters and ranking as the best among the Polish jumpers in Sunday’s qualifications.

Aleksander Zniszczoł also had a good performance, while Dawid Kubacki is still striving for better form.

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