Alta preparación en la frontera con Ucrania! Reunión urgente y controles las 24 horas – Rzeszów, Super Express

Alta preparación en la frontera con Ucrania! Reunión urgente y controles las 24 horas – Rzeszów, Super Express

This is one of the main demands of protesting farmers. On Sunday, January 4, a press conference was held at the request of the Prime Minister, during which the details of the actions taken were announced. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Czesław Siekierski, and the Governor of Lublin, Krzysztof Komorski, were present. “In connection with the situation at the Polish-Ukrainian border and the resulting concern among Polish farmers and food producers, I have taken actions aimed at organizing and, above all, tightening the system of controlling goods entering Poland,” said Governor Teresa Kubas-Hul.

What will change? The decision was made to increase controls on agricultural and food products being transported across the border – authorities and inspections have been obligated to monitor notifications around the clock. The scope of laboratory tests by sanitary and veterinary inspections for goods crossing the border with Ukraine will also be increased. Additionally, the information system will be improved.

The Podkarpackie Voivodeship Office in Rzeszów will provide information on the number of vehicles waiting to cross the border. Adam Sidor, the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, announced full readiness to conduct inspections. The implemented changes will require additional investment in laboratory equipment: “We have reviewed our laboratory base and we are, so to speak, ‘ready to go’ to increase the quantity of tested individual groups of food products 4-5 times, and in this quite important area, we have also reviewed the possibilities of increasing tests over the next few months. Of course, this is related to equipping the laboratories.”

The electronic Traices shipment system will be used to improve controls, enabling institutions to be notified in advance and prepared to efficiently conduct inspections. “Certificates can now be issued in the electronic system. We receive this information and our inspector sees on the computer screen that it has been sent, knows from which place, what type of shipment it is. We are forewarned one or two days in advance that such a shipment will arrive and we are prepared for what procedure we will undertake and what tests,” explained Wiesław Tomaszewski, the Border Veterinary Inspector in Korczowa.

Will this solution satisfy the protesters? In the event of no agreement, they announced a tightening of actions on February 9. For this reason, a meeting with farmers and the organizations representing their interests has been convened urgently on Tuesday, January 6.

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