Ten kajakarki walczą o Paryż – dziesięć chętnych, sześć miejsc, “Niech jadą najlepsze”

Ten kajakarki walczą o Paryż – dziesięć chętnych, sześć miejsc, “Niech jadą najlepsze”

Portuguese training centers have been the main focus for the winter preparations of our national teams supported by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. The kayak team, led by coaches Tomasz Kryk and Maciej Juhnke, is currently in Milfontes, Portugal, preparing for the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Last year’s achievements in Duisburg, where the team secured six qualifications for the Paris games, have set the stage for intense training and hard work in Portugal. Athletes like Anna Puławska are focusing on continual improvement and development, disregarding the past achievements and aiming for a strong performance in the upcoming games.

The athletes emphasize that making it to the Paris Olympics is their top priority for this season, and the qualifications will play a crucial role in determining the team composition. The pressure and excitement of Olympic preparations are evident, but the athletes are motivated and focused on giving their best performance. The goal is to represent Poland with honor and determination. The team is united in their pursuit, training and competing together, while also dealing with the emotional challenges of national and international competitions.

The head coach, Tomasz Kryk, faces the difficult task of selecting the team members who will compete in Paris, emphasizing the competitive and supportive atmosphere within the team. Overall, the focus remains on preparing and performing at the highest level in order to represent Poland with pride at the upcoming Olympics.

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