Las contundentes palabras de Dariusz Szpakowski sobre Lewandowski. Ya no hay dudas

Las contundentes palabras de Dariusz Szpakowski sobre Lewandowski. Ya no hay dudas

Dariusz Szpakowski, based on his experience, is able to accurately assess and diagnose the problems of specific football players and teams. The legendary commentator decided to speak out for TVP Sport this time on the topic of Robert Lewandowski’s drop in form. Almost after every FC Barcelona match, “Lewy” is criticized. It’s no wonder that Polish national team fans have started to worry ahead of the qualifiers for Euro 2024.

According to Szpakowski, Lewandowski is a knowledgeable player who knows what he lacks and what is expected of him. The journalist’s unequivocal opinion suggests that there is still a chance for the captain of the Polish national team to be in top form for the upcoming matches. “I believe that Robert will return to optimal form. With the experience he has, he is capable of being in top form in decisive moments.

I always remember the match of the Poles against Scotland, where “Lewy” scored in the last minute to make it 2-2. The simple conclusion is: one should not doubt oneself until the very end. However, time is running out,” Szpakowski commented. “Robert is at a new stage in his career.

Probierz has already appealed to support our striker. Not just criticize. Lewandowski is aware of what is happening with him, with his body,” the commentator further evaluated. “Arabs have gone after Cristiano Ronaldo.

Everyone feels better. Robert is aware of the expectations placed on him. He is an incredibly ambitious person. Let’s face it: he’s not the only one with such an attitude.

The whole team has to play well. No one will give us advancement for free,” the expert explained before the game against Estonia. If the Poles handle the lower-ranked opponent, they will face Wales or Finland in a direct clash for qualification for the Euro 2024 tournament.

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