This fact from Łukasz Fabiański’s private life is rarely talked about. It concerns his brother

This fact from Łukasz Fabiański’s private life is rarely talked about. It concerns his brother

Over the years, Łukasz Fabiański has done everything in his power to prevent opponents of the Polish national team from putting the ball in our net. He will always be remembered by fans as one of the heroes of the successful Euro 2016 tournament for the white and red team. Some time ago, he announced the painful news to many that he would no longer play for the national team. The experienced goalkeeper was no longer able to live at such a frantic pace in order to play regularly for the national team and his club.

He decided to give the younger players a chance and focus on playing in the Premier League. This way, “Fabian” probably also has a little more time for his family, which is very important to him. One of the curious facts about the goalkeeper concerns a member of his family – his brother Arkadiusz. What a transformation for Lukas Podolski!

He showed a picture from twenty years ago and our jaw dropped. It turns out that the goalkeeping profession is a family affair in the Fabiański household. Not only Łukasz went between the posts. His younger brother, born in 1992, also chose this position.

Although he has not achieved as great success as the former Polish international, he has played for several more or less known clubs in our country. However, even loyal fans of Łukasz Fabiański may be somewhat surprised at how closely related the sporting interests of both brothers are. Krzysztof Stanowski openly discussed this on “Kanał Sportowy”. His brother was born in Słubice, so both are connected to the western part of our beautiful country.

It was also there that Arkadiusz Fabiański continued his football adventure in the years 2007-2017. According to the 90minut.pl portal, the younger of the Fabiański brothers played during those years, among others, for Sparcie Szamotuły, Falubaz Zielona Góra and Olimpia Zambrów.

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